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Lakpa Yangji Sherpa

We would like to proudly  inform that Lakpa Yangji Sherpa and her group members summit Mt:Everest this morning (16th May 2018)  from south route around 11:30 am local time. 

A group of professional women trekking guide unified and form “Women Everest Expedition 2018” with a slogan of Women’s Confidence.

She is the Team Leader for Women Everest Expedition 2018 and she was born on 5th June 19 at

Chaurikharka-9, Solukhumbu. Being a mountaineer and a French speaking trekking guide with ten years

of experience in tourism sector she plans to lead the female group to the summit of Mt Everest


Her childhood was very tough as she was born on remotevillage of Solukhumbu where people prefer boys ratherthan girls so that when they grew up, they can help in thefamily business and other daily lives. So, there was a hugegender biasness because of which she didn’t get a propereducation as well. But she believed in herself and movedon to work in mountaineering and trekking sector and haschanged her life. Similarly, she have been involved insocial work as well by helping four girls from remote areathat has a very weak financial condition with financial support for their education. She believes thateducation is the most important and first step towards women empowerment so that they can getknowledge and be self-dependent. She had an experience of how difficult it will be without aneducation, as she didn’t get proper education in her childhood due to poor economic condition. Due towhich she had to face many difficulties in every sector of her life. So, to show the importance ofeducation for girls and to make them capable in their lives she will be supporting them till their higherstudies. On coming days as well she is determined to help and support girls from poor economicbackground for their education. So, with the message of gender equality, women rights, education for

girls and women For Confidence where women can also do and work as men, she will be attempting to

summit Mt. Everest on 2018 with the team.

On the way to Ramdung Peak(5,930m)


-Trekking guide training (NATHM),

-Women Trekking Guide Training (MAN),

-Basic Mountaineering Training (NMA),

-High Mountain Rescue Training (NMIA & NMA),

-Rock Climbing Level One Training (NMIA

Climbing Experience

-Ramdung Peak (5930m)

-Pisang peak (6,091m)

-Island Peak (6,189m)

-Chulu Far-East Peak (6,059m)











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Dorjee Sherpa Cell phone:+33785896463








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