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Tamur River - The Jewel of the East

tamur river rafting in nepal

Tamur River - The Jewel of the East 

Distance - 120 kilometers
Duration - 11 day

Departure Point - ,Thamel - Kathmandu - 7am to 3pm.

Put-In-Point - Basantapur (17 hours drive from Kathmandu)
Take Out point - Chatara (15 hours drive back to Kathmandu) - option available to fly from Biratnagar to Kathmandu - extra cost

Brief Description - remote expedition in the foothills of Kanchanjanga in the far-east of Nepal, includes a three days trek.

Draining the snow grown the third highest peak in the world - the majestic Kanchanjanga massif, Tamur provides an exhilarating and active rafting trip in Nepal. First commercially run in 1990, Tamur is still relatively undiscovered and is a highly re-commercial and exceptional whitewater thrill. 

It starts with a three-day trek through the beautiful Himalayan foothills followed by a challenging and magnificent river journey. With one hundred and twenty kilometers of exceptional whitewater rapids, the Tamur flows through a stunning and unspoiled gorge passing a few seldom visited villages and exquisite beaches giving one the most pristine rafting environment and wilderness journeys in Nepal. 

The first 16 kilometers of rapids are intense with white water just keep coming through towering canyons. 

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