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Sun Koshi River Rafting

sun koshi river rafting in nepal
Sun Koshi - The River of Gold 

Distance - 270 kilometers
Duration - 8 - 10 days

Departure Point -  Thamel - Kathmandu - 7am to 3pm.

Put-In-Point - Dolalghat (3 hours drive)
Take Out point - Chatara (15 hours drive) - option available to fly from Biratnagar - extra cost

Brief Description - A self-sufficient expedition through central Nepal from the Himalaya to the Genetic Plain.

Add ons - Koshi Tappu Wildlife National Park. 

Sun Koshi River Rafting in Nepal is a rendezvous with one of the longest rivers in Nepal, with an expanse of around 270 km in terms of volume, voyaging through the Mahabharata mountain ranges and extending upto Gangetic plains is an intimidating water journey to be on. Sun Koshi River Rafting in Nepal is easily one of the classical water journeys flowing from snow-capped mountains are a fascinating river rafting adventure amidst warm waters, great camping makes this river rafting trip invigorating and interesting.

Sun Koshi River Rafting in Nepal is a magical river voyage, on one of the most circumspect and unpredictable rivers, a thrilling prospect for both intermediate and advanced rafters and kayakers alike. Sun Koshi river has its own mood, flow, calm and tranquil moments ever prevalent during its entire river course, an everchanging river at every single curl and bend provides its mighty turbulence is a perfect setting to experience water wilderness in Nepal.

Sun Koshi River Rafting in Nepal has its put-in-point at Dolalghat and take-out-point at Chatara. This whole experience is an astounding experience of stunning white waters, awesome scenic beauties, ethnic villages and a quiet glimmering and glistening evenings. Sun Koshi River Rafting in Nepal is a brilliant adventure on a stunning river providing full value to your money and justifying your visit for a good reason too.


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