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Marshyandi - The Raging River


marsandi river-rafting-in-nepal


Marshyandi - The Raging River 

Distance - 27 kilometers
Duration - 3 days

Departure Point -  Thamel - Kathmandu - 7am to 3pm.

Put-In-Point - Bhule Bhule (3 and half hours drive)
Take Out point - Phailiya, Sanghu

Brief Description - a magnificent blue white water river with a spectacular mountain backdrop.
Add ons - Lamjung trek. 

Marshyangdi River is in itself a synonym so daring and enduring, sending and setting imagination wild along with jitters about its raging outlook and course, that it has been revered as one of the most steep and stunning white water river and exhibition of raw ferocity and venom rising and finally joins the Trishuli River.

Marshayangdi River is righty described as a next generation of rivers in Nepal, as its one of the recent additions made to the commercial rafting category. Marshayangdi River Rafting in Nepal has gained popularity among technically skilled and challenge prone rafters, who thrive on rafting enduring excursions and ready to defy the rapid curls and swerves, it's a tailor made rafting paradise for them. Combined with the exotic breathtaking scenery passing along narrow gorges and canyons adrift with vicious curls and currents is mouthwatering and never wrecking exciting fresh water journey. From Ngadi, downstream, to the conclusion of the trip at Bimalnagar it is solid white water. All along the course the rapids are steep, highly technical constant and rigorous making it a difficult proposition to tackle. A river certainly not to, be underestimated under any circumstances at any given time.

Marshyangdi River Rafting in Nepal is and always will be one of the genuine providers of fresh water rafting entity, along with its glorious rapids nestled and engulfed amidst beautiful mountain vistas, changing with every swerve and bend, along with mammoth boulders providing hindrances and obstacles while rafting, making it a picturesque paradise for photographers as well, if need be. Make your river rafting trip in Nepal with this particular river from Pokhara and indulge in fishing trip to settle your nerves and feel a bit lighter. Marshayandi River Rating in Nepal certainly demands a great deal of salutations and respect.


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